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Where it all began!

Hello All,

I thought I would trawl the archives to find some of the photographs from the beginning of my craft journey as I am often asked about how I got into marquetry. - I can honestly say it is a path I stumbled onto!

Back in 2009 I had quit college in the first year, hating it and swearing I would never go to university! What would have been my second year was then spent doing various illustrative work, often for bands on Myspace (who remembers the days of Myspace?!) Feeling a bit listless and not entirely sure what I was doing, I decided to apply for the Art Foundation Diploma at Eastbourne Vocational College with the intention of going on to specialise in illustration. This was a course I had originally intended to do before my dislike of college set in. I essentially took a gap year and was able to get onto the course on the basis that I could draw.

I found myself disappointed not to enjoy the illustration lessons on this course but we spent some time in the workshop creating maquettes for furniture. It was during these lessons I was introduced to the concept of veneer and marquetry (I'll forever be grateful to my tutor Dylan)!

How I managed to safely work at my insanely messy and dangerous desk at home is beyond me..

Ironically given I have just had my first major workshop incident, this was the place my very earliest workshop injuries with a scalpel took place.

My art foundation final piece was creating a full scale washing line.. I dread to think about the harrowingly poor quality. Practice makes perfect!

I come from a creative family and Daddy Bailey has always been involved in woodwork and restoration. After my art foundation and waiting for my next big adventure, Daddy Bailey helped me with some practice in the workshop. (This photo was taken for one of his books on routing, it took us ages to get a decent picture as we couldn't stop giggling..)

I decided to have a look at studying furniture at university (laughably naive of me!) and everybody suggested Bucks New University, High Wycombe. It was only when looking through the prospectus that I came across the furniture conservation & restoration course. - I liked museums and historic houses so took a chance!

..and ended up specialising in marquetry!

University final piece!

I went onto study in Paris for a year, learning the French marquetry techniques for boulle marquetry and piece by piece.

Pieces created at Ecole Boulle.

Piece created at Lycee Jacques Brel.

Following on from my time in Paris I have been out in the big wide world working in marquetry ranging between contemporary laser cut marquetry and traditional restoration!

If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.

Lots of love


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